We know there are a lot of questions about home therapy.
We provide answers to the frequently-asked questions for you here.

  • Who decides about home therapy??
    The choice of the therapy form is always made by the doctor responsible for your treatment. He or she is also the person who, after an individual risk-benefit evaluation relating to you personally, supports or declines home therapy in your personal case.
  • What does home therapy offer me?
    Healthcare at Home offers eligible patients a service that is available all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria for 365 days a year. As well as the advantage of receiving your medication in your home environment, which saves you time and money, Healthcare at Home also takes over the coordination of your medication appointments. With our qualified and professional staff we would like to help give you - the patient - more control over your own daily routine and improve your quality of life.
  • What will home therapy cost me??
    The costs arising for home therapy depend on the indication. Usually, though, there is no cost to you as the patient because the responsible funding organisation (Kostenträger) pays.
  • Will I be looked after by my doctor in spite of home therapy?
    Home therapy cannot, and should not, replace your doctor but is intended to provide him or her with support. Your doctor remains the first point of contact for all questions about your illness. Healthcare at Home only takes over the regular medication sessions that your doctor has prescribed for your illness. These are carried out at the place of your choice. If questions arise you can ask the trained and helpful nursing staff of Healthcare at Home as well as your doctor.
  • Do I have to sign something?
    You need to give your written consent to receive treatment at home. You can withdraw this at any time without giving reasons and without incurring any consequences.
  • How do I meet the nurse?
    If you are interested in our home therapy, and your illness makes you a potential candidate and there are no medical objections, you should discuss it with your doctor and send the declaration of consent to Healthcare at Home in the return envelope. We will then make sure that your personal nurse makes contact with your doctor and we will coordinate the visit. It would also be possible for your first infusion provided by Healthcare at Home to take place at the doctor’s surgery. This would give you and your doctor the chance to convince yourselves of the competence of the nurse who takes on responsibility for you.
  • How do I obtain my medication?
    The patient can collect the preparation prescribed by the doctor from the pharmacy of his or her choice. This method is regular and reliable. You can also choose to have the preparation delivered by cold chain logistics, either directly to your home or elsewhere. This sort of delivery can have certain advantages for you:
  1. The medication is conveniently delivered directly to you at your home on your chosen date.
  2. You don’t need to worry about having the medication in reserve for each therapy appointment. A mail-order pharmacy can also take over this planning for you and can arrange delivery on a particular date.
  3. Dispatch is carried out by a professional cooled goods company. This ensures that your medication is in perfect condition when it reaches you.
  • Is home therapy safe?
    A condition of home therapy is that the doctor responsible for your treatment is not usually present during your medication sessions. However, after a risk-benefit assessment of your individual case, your doctor would first decide whether you are suitable for home therapy and to what extent it would involve risks for you. This would, of course, be fully explained to you. Your doctor takes certain criteria into account when making this decision, such as the high quality and safety standards and our trained staff who are aware of your needs.

*Giving medication in the home environment