Treatment at home (homecare and home therapy)

Homecare, or home therapy, is the continuation of your prescribed treatment at home. This is provided exclusively by qualified nurses and with the consent of your doctor.

Healthcare at Home has been providing ISO 9001-certified quality pharmaceutical and medical care in the domestic environment since 1992. The company is active throughout Europe.

In close cooperation with your doctor we offer:

regular injections/infusions at home
appropriate transport and storage of your medications and medical aids (especially cold chain products)
training in self-injection
reminder management (reminding patients to take medication)
advice on the disease and everyday worries
Working in close cooperation with your own doctor, our qualified nurses continue the therapy prescribed by your doctor in your own home. Our nurses have received special training on your illness.

Advantages for you: better quality of life - “Back to more normality in everyday life”

  • savings of time and money
  • more autonomy and better quality of life
  • regular personal contact
  • relief for you and your family and friends